Q: Why does my dryer take way too long to dry my clothes?

A: The most common problem that causes long dry times is a clogged or partially restricted dryer vent. You can check for air flow where the dryer vents on the outside of the home. Low air flow means a restriction so clean or vacuum the vent line and see if this solves the problem.

Q: What can I do to prolong the life of my appliances?

A: The most important (and inexpensive) way to extend the life of your appliances is to add surge protection right at the outlet. The average home experiences about 350 power surges a year.

Small, frequent power surges cause cumulative damage to connected electronics, shortening the product lifespan. Your appliances are expensive, a good surge suppressor costs $20 or less so don't even consider going without them.

Q: Will you add freon to my refrigerator or replace my compressor?

A: At this time I do not do any sealed-system repairs so the answer is no. Although leaks and compressor failures can be repaired it is usually very expensive and not recommended by me unless you have a very high end unit.

I use a flat-rate pricing guide that includes parts, labor and service call to arrive at the total price and then apply a discount of up to 20% 

I can typically solve your appliance problems more quickly and effectively than the competition, and usually at a better price. I also do things at half/price while servicing your appliance like clean your condenser coils on the refrigerator, or vacuuming that lint infested dryer.                                                    

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Q: Should I have my appliance repaired or just replace it with a new one?

A: Most of the time if your appliance is less than 10 years old it is much more cost effective to have it repaired. The question is has it provided good service to this point or been unreliable. If you like the machine it's probably better to get it fixed rather than to have to go shopping and then have to learn all the nuances of a new machine.

Q: My refrigerator has a bad odor, what's the best way to eliminate the smell.

A: Most recommend baking soda but severe odors are always caused by spoiled food or spills. Clean up any spills and throw out spoiled foods. If odors linger after doing this I recommend putting newspapers (which will absorb the odor) near the bottom shelf and changing weekly until the odor is eliminated.

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